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World Breastfeeding Week: Understand the S-U-P-E-R-P-O-W-E-R of Motherhood!

Observe the World Breastfeeding Week!

Womanhood and Motherhood both are one of the most gracious things which every woman would be blessed to have in their life. God has made a very weird process for human development when he decided for the growing up process, he made a procession of relationships. First, you were born as a girl, a daughter, became a sister, a wife, and then a mother. With every level up you are supported and rewarded with a super power, and then the ultimate power is achieved when you become a mother. A mother who has a power of love which can nurture a  mere part of flesh into a good human. With many other superpowers in their bag, the initial superpower which a mother is instilled with is  “BREASTFEEDING”.

Art Contributor: Kunal Choudhary

Yes, you read that! Breastfeeding is the superpower which every Mother gets soon after her child comes into existence, but the sad part comes when we find the traces of breastfeeding in the roots of our culture where instead of supporting and celebrating this superpower, our civilisation has been very cruel towards this ritual. Well, to overcome this very cause World Alliance For Breastfeeding Association proposed an initiative to recognise and promote the practice of this ‘SUPERPOWER’ worldwide.

World Breastfeeding Week finds its traces from its first celebration in the year 1992 since it’s inception till now it is now observed by almost 120 member countries of United Nations Organization.



Organized by world’s best health concerning organizations like WABA, WHO and UNICEF for a week in the month of August from 1 – 7 August, WBW came up with the goal to promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life which yields tremendous health benefits, providing critical nutrients, protection from deadly diseases such as pneumonia and fostering growth and development for the first time in 1991.



The World Breastfeeding Week 2016 theme is on raising awareness of the links between breastfeeding and the Sustainable Development Goals. By recognising that breastfeeding is a key to sustainable development, we will value our wellbeing from the start of life, respect each other and care for the world we share.


  1. INFORM– To inform people about the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they relate to breastfeeding and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF).
  2. FIRMLY ANCHOR-To firmly anchor breastfeeding as a key component of sustainable development.

3. GALVANISE– It galvanises a variety of actions at all levels on breastfeeding and IYCF in the new era of the SDGs.

  1. ENGAGE– To engage and collaborate with a wider range of actors around promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding.

Apart from these objectives, remember that development of any nation comes from its people. Breastfeeding results in a healthy lifestyle for both mother and the child, promoting this single activity may help in saving those estimated 820,000 children under the age of five could be prevented globally every year who die because of an unavailability of mothers feed.

By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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