Breads & Breakfast: Say Good Morning to Grandmama’s Cafe- Mumbai!

Good Morning, everyone! I am Monday and am here to give you all a lot of challenges for the day, after all, those laid back, lazed off days and a full week of festivity.


Well, jokes apart we know how bad it feels when Monday comes. Thus, we at The Planet Social are informing you with another amazing eatery for you from another city that never sleeps…So, a few days ago, I visited Mumbai for an art event called Appa Art Festival, where I had an amazing time. The event was from 13th to 15th August where there was an amalgamation of artists from different walks of Art form. The day was too hectic and I was too hungry to resist it and travel anymore. I was received by a friend who then took me for the brunch at an awesome cafe called Grandmama’s Cafe!


Located in Dadar (E) in Mumbai, Grandmama’s Cafe is part of the iconic Pritam Da Dhaba which is owned by the Pritam Group of Hotels. Situated amidst the hustle-bustle on a street near Dadar (E) station, this cafe stands like a- first- mist- of- monsoon, which will surely make you ‘a fresh one’ for the whole day! The Cafe refreshes your eyes with the white and sea green facade, the green bicycle with a flower filled basket placed on the signboard will make you fall in love.1446463913-imgl0385
Mismatched white chairs and the pastel-hued chintz upholstery paired with distressed wooden tables come together for a vintage atmosphere. The worn out books placed on the walls make sure to make you look like you’re inside a countryside cottage.


We started with our first set of order which had: Tasty Brownie Nutella Shake enough to suffice your Nutella cravings for almost a week
brownie nutella shake
Next was Egg Benedict which was basically a poached Egg on English muffin with the delicious Vanilla Pancakes, and Spicy Akuri on Toast which was worth a eat for at least once in a lifetime.

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The second feast which we decided to create on our table included: Tricolour Risotto which sounded fascinating and tasted delicious,
tricolour risotto
there were Baby Potatoes flash fried and served with marinara sauce & mayo, left us wanting for more!
baby potato
Next was Shakshuka With Crumbled Feta which is ratatouille of fried eggs with a spicy tomato & crumbled feta cheese is enough to make you drool,
shakshuka with crumbled feta
which was later controlled by Mushroom on Toast,The enriching feast was later complemented with their Cheesy Fondue which made us hefty on our stomachs.

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At last, our meal ended with our single order of Tiramisu a light taste and easy to Finish dessert which made us tired to finish itself.
Overall, the food, ambience, interiors and services all were awesome. Grandmama’s cafe has become my personal favourite and surely on my bucket list for my next Mumbai visit. Happy Eating!

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