Destination Bound: Enjoy World’s greatest open-air museum!

Know about the land of legends, the Gods and Goddesses. A magnificent land of Luxor.

This time at The Planet Social we bring to you something different and special. Being a travel blogger, I always try to remain updated with my travelogues. After all, travelling is an experience and everyone is unique in their own way. So, this time, I decided to enjoy world’s greatest open-air museum.

Overnight trip to Luxor from Hurghada

Having a family of global citizens where my relatives from my mother’s side are settled mostly in Egypt, Middle East, and European countries, it’s a blessed privilege. My mother herself is an avid explorer. Recently, she shared her experience of travelling to Luxor, Egypt. According to her “Luxor is not sort of breath-taking sights. It is a natural museum on the beautiful face of the earth.”

So, I decided to pen down her experience of exploring and discovering the places which she travelled there and also to suggest others to check out those places in Luxor. Here are they…

Luxor Temple


Situated in the middle of the town, it looks the best at night when the crowds have gone home and the shadows come together between the papyrus columns in the Hippostyle Hall.



A vast land of excavations of decayed temples, chapels, pylons and very hefty Pharaonic paraphernalia. There is a Sound and Light show appreciated by the locals, go if you can, but try exploring Karnak during the day time as well.

The best way to explore is to take the donkey track with a guide down from the Valley of the Kings to the Valley of the Queens. It is a reasonably adventurous climb and will take about an hour, but it’s worth the visit. The path runs along the top of the huge sandstone escarpment and offers a fantastic view down onto the Temple of Hatshepsut across the Nile.

Valley of the Kings

valley of the kings

Reach here as early as you can while there’s enough sunlight. It’s more like a first come-first serve basis. Be prepared to wait in a long queue at one of the most popular tombs: Tutankhamun and Ramses VI. The sites on the West Bank open early at 6 am.

Queens Temple of Hatshepsut

queens temple

The Temple was heavily restored in the Fifties with East European money and now resembles a Romanian bus depot.
Featured on every guided tour, this place is easy to reach.

What is a visit to a place and carry nothing as its memory? My Mother is a smart shopper, she bought many souvenirs for almost each one of us as a memory and clicked a lot of photographs of the memorabilia.


She suggested the best thing which not everyone can find easily in those deserted lands is Where to shop, like every woman and shopaholic. Sharia el-Birka was a heaven that offers scarves, scarabs, spices, carpets and other local stuff. Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! It will help you to end up paying between half and two-thirds of the price demanded. El Safa Bazar on Sharia Lahaie Hibachi just behind the Luxor Temple is the best jeweller in the town.

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