Because “Coldplay” Knows how to run chill through your spine!

see, what did they do actually to make people feel ‘NUMB’!

How truly magnificent and perfect it is to sit and listen to the melodies of Beethoven or maybe Coldplay? Well, am really sorry if by any chance you took it as a comparison between both of them. Both of them are different and have totally different contribution to the mystical music and their respective followers and lovers of their creation. Master of the soothes and symphony Ludwig Beethoven is famous for his never failing symphonies which everyone loves. whereas, Coldplay is the one band which has found its followers quite everywhere due to their unique production of original music.


With all due respect, coming to the part that what was that other day incident which made others feel those ‘Coldplay’s sent chill’ through their spines was due to their recent tribute to ‘Gene Wilder’ through their live performance of the song ‘ PURE IMAGINATION.’

Willy Wonka Wilder
American actor Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka in ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’, directed by Mel Stuart, 1971. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Gene Wilder, whom we popularly know as the  ‘WILLY WONKA’ from his famous movie, Willy Wonka & his chocolate factory. A notable man  who  was a renowned comic actor for film, theater and a great screenwriter. Following the death of screen icon Gene Wilder on Sunday, many of those who knew the comedy legend or were simply touched by his talent have paid tribute to the actor on social media.

The members of Coldplay are the latest in a long line of celebrities to memorialize Wilder, but instead of taking the more traditional route, the band let their music do the talking.On Tuesday, Coldplay shared a video on Twitter of a cover of “Pure Imagination,” a song from Wilder’s best-known film, 1971’s “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”


In the clip, we can hear frontman Chris Martin singing the song’s wondrous chorus, as confetti starts to rain down upon an audience, presumably at one of the band’s recent concerts during their international A Head Full of Dreams tour.“Come with me and we’ll be in a world of pure imagination,” Martin coos at the tail end of what sounds like the band’s hit song “The Scientist.”


By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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