Life Quotes: Believe in Pink, indeed it has power!

Boundaries, geographies, states, colour, caste, religion and many other words…. what all do these words possess? I say “POWER” yes, “Power” of discriminating. These words gave strength to all of us to cast out one another from something we won’t allow the other to have a part in. Well, that is the same case why many can’t understand the deep truth this world has for us. Many get enlightened and rise and there are many who rise and make others rise too.

At The Planet Social we believe in Life, a life full of passion, non-discrimination, inspiration, morale and motivation. We believe that every human needs to get inspired. After all, what else is there that can make you feel fulfill and help you achieve and conquer what you wish for! Our Life Shots section, this time, takes an opportunity to bring out the best quotes by someone more than suitable to evoke light in us as well as you. She made us believe in pink!

Audrey Hepburn born as Audrey Kathleen Ruston, a British actress, a fashion & film Icon, one of the most influential actresses recognised for her presence in the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Born in a small state of Brussels, Audrey had a childhood from a different land of Belgium, England and Netherlands. She dedicated her life towards cinema, Audrey soon enough realised her proposition of being a human. She served most of her life years at UNICEF since 1957 till the day she died in the year 1993 due to her serious suffering of appendiceal cancer.

She motivated many lives, went on expeditions to evoke a light and spirit in them. Read few of her quotes which show her lively nature and excitement to see towards life. Hope, you get motivated too.



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