Coke Studio Pakistan:Redefining​ the eternal ‘Sohni- Mahiwal’ love story musically!

“Music is  something that wakes you up and let you live”

Well, that’s the real reason for me to write this article. So, it dates back to my FTII days when I came across the legendary story of ‘Sohni and Mahiwal.’The famous folk tale from the region of Punjab entails their story of unforgettable love.

It is told  that  ” in order to meet her wounded lover Sohni would swim across the river Chenab each day during the night. In  order to stay hidden from her husband, she used a baked earthen pot.Her sister-in-law got to know about this and she replaced the Baked pot with an unbaked one.”
Illustration Sohni & Mahiwal
Illustration of Sohni with the pot.
Further, in the story, “Sohni was found trying to swim across the river using the unbaked pot ,the waves made the pot dissolve in the water and Sohni drowned.Seeing this Mahiwal too jumped into the water and drowned which as a result, reunited both the lovers forever.”
Coke studio Pakistan recently recorded its soulful indie-rock song  named ‘Paar Channa De’ which is a grand duet of music directors, Noori featuring Shilpa Rao.The song is composed profoundly in the soulful way with its various parts to really indulge once’s ears into.
Noori singing@ Coke Studio Pakistan Season 9
Presented in the voice of Ali Hamza , Shilpa Rao , and Ali Noor is more of an oral tradition passed on to the brother duo by their grandparents, it’s a song that they’ve considered as a family treasure since long.
Shilpa Rao @ Coke Studio Pakistan  Season 9
In the beginning  with few chords, the track establishes the earthy soul vibes that transcend in waves laden with a distinct melody and instrumentation. Noori and Shilpa Rao’s vocals, independently encapsulate the listener earnestly, a solo played by Madam Noor Zehra over ‘Sagar Veena’ is the moment when the song steps straight into the heart.
Madam Noor Zehra playing ‘Sagar Veena
This Song happens to be a conversation between Sohni and the unbaked earthen pot.
This back story of the song makes it hauntingly beautiful.
Click it here to listen this song.


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