We all know how great COLDPLAY is, see what new they create with the CHAINSMOKERS?

Well, you’ve definitely heard about this megastar, and I know you guys love him. We are talking about The Chainsmokers. Yes, we’ve known them for their beautiful collaborated song with Halsey which has kept them still going strong on the charts with their No. 1 hit “Closer.” The EDM duo which is known for their collaborations with many upcoming artists — Daya and ROZES and to name a few but now they’re working with a massively talented artist who has decades of experience, guess who?
Well, this time, it’s Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. There were two previews shared by the duo (Drew Taggart,26 & Alex Pall, 31) which we think is surely enough, to make us excited. ThoughChris Martin, 39, is nowhere near as sexy as Halsey, the 21-year-old singer featured in their song “closer” the Coldplay front man’s voice sounds like a perfect match with the duo.2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

The videos hint that this is a “melodic house production,” per Dancing Astronaut. The question is now – is this a Chris Martin solo jam? Is this the next big Chainsmokers song? Or will the rest of Coldplay come in and jam with the duo? There aren’t any details at the moment, so fans will have to eagerly wait until this new song drops.

Can this unnamed collaboration be bigger than “Closer?” The Chainsmokers hit has dominated the Billboard Hot 100. It also was on top of the Digital Songs chart for more than a month and the number 1 song on the Streaming Songs chart for four straight weeks. Even a month after its release, it sold 199,000 downloads, per Billboard.
While the song is incredibly catchy (seriously, try to get it out of your head once it gets stuck in there) maybe the real reason behind the track’s popularity is the smoking hot performance at the MTV VMAs? The Chainsmokers reunited with Halsey during the Aug. 28 broadcast for probably the sexiest moment of the night.

With Drew and Halsey running their hands all over each other’s bodies, it seemed like the two young pop stars were about to make out on stage!  It’s safe to say that Drew and Chris Martin won’t have similar chemistry when this new collaboration is unleashed. Still, from the sounds of it, it’s going to be a great song! What do you think,  Are you excited for the collaboration between Chris and The Chainsmokers?

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