The H-U-N-G-A-R-I-A-N who made a pen, a Ball Point Pen!

“Ignorance is bliss”
Hence, proved!
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Have you ever thought about this?
Nope, I am sure you didn’t but to your good luck, someone surely did.
Come let us take you back to the trace of history where I myself went, in order to learn about the innovation of the #BallPointPen and its Innovator.


Well, to be very honest, it wasn’t until yesterday when I realized that as mighty as the PEN is, and the great import it keeps for the whole world, we humans being ungrateful & ignorant as usual, forgot to  recognize and give its creator his due share of #RECOGNITION & #RESPECT.

Can you imagine a life without pen…?  well, for me it would be too tough to do that. Being  a writer myself I can not even think about  the world without pen, everything which this world knows about its humans is because of the ‘M-I-G-H-T-Y PEN.’  With centuries passed human grew from the obnoxiousness and animalistic activities and worked a lot for this present world.

Although we can obviously not forget the war and ruthless world we have transformed into but PEN was always there as an important reason behind any change!


So, it was on 29th September when an innovator named László József Bíró who was born in the year 1899 in Budapest, Hungary  invented the  #BallPointPen about almost eight decades ago. What’s funny behind its invention is that they came into existence because of the fountain pens.

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Once,  a sometime Journalist/Painter László got too frustrated because of the blotting and smudging created by these fountain pens which were used at that time. Getting his inspiration from a newspaper printing press which used #quick-drying-ink &  a #roller.

László teamed up with his brother György, who was a chemist and invented ‘BIRO’ and got its patent on 15 July 1938. Well, as far as I remember the #BIRO history talks about its connection with world war 2 but we won’t talk about it here.

The pen is still called a ‘BIRO’ in countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia and Italy, but in the US it is known as a ballpoint pen.

We congratulate László  for this life changing invention and wish him on his 117th birthday with Google:)

*Rest In Peace*

By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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