Review: Find your solace @Elma’s Brasserie!

Food for your body is not enough, there must be food for your soul.”

And this is what exactly this cute little place called ‘Elma’s Brasserie did to us. Settled in a suitable spot in Delhi, on the streets of very infamous Meherchand Market, a hub of all the brand conscious and budget conscious people we found this restaurant which turned out to be the odd one out amongst the other different eateries situated there…


Photo Courtesy: Mohammed Sajid ©TheQuest 

Justifying to its name ‘Elma’s Brasserie’ is actually that one spot which will make you feel the true sense of a  ‘French’ restaurant with a relaxed setting, which serves single dishes and other meals. Not to forget, the setting of the restaurant well-defines the meaning of the word Brasserie which is expected to have professional service, printed menus, and traditionally, white linen.

Here is what touched us to the centre of our heart:

Decor & Ambience:

A not so very rich but a sophisticated look which makes you feel cool in the first go. The first impression this brasserie leaves on you is so subtle and fresh that you are already taken by the awe… the colour palate chosen by them is the best which could define and make you relaxed with the serene touch.

The walls were nicely done with the different yet matching colour scheme. The space of the brasserie is not very spacious, but the compact size of the space is well-utilised, and done smartly.


Photo Courtesy: Mohammed Sajid ©TheQuest 

With few chairs and tables in their lower section where they serve desserts and baked stuff, there’s a staircase which draws your attention right at the moment. The wall has a hanging of empty, old and waste bottles of champaign in a ladder pattern complementing you to the door of the upper section, the dining area.

The interiors of the upper section looked serene like water. The opposite direction of the area has an opening towards the balcony which has ample amount of sunlight.


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The area gives you a spacious look because of the usage of mirrors hanging on the walls making more room for you to settle in. The tables are tiny yet, fashionable. The best part to notice which brings the smile on your face are those pretty and crystal clear glass vase with beautiful flowers.

Service & Food

If we were supposed to give them any stars or ratings then that would surely be something around 4/5 stars or may be 8/10 in terms of rating for their service, the reason being that one of their staff had a little less information regarding the menu which made it a little complicated for us to place our order. Else, the service was fast and sophisticated.

Coming to food, Elma’s Brasserie justifies its name… by virtue their menu has enough to make your mouth watery and feel you that hunch of hunger in your stomach. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


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Although they are quite recognised for their other delicacies, we chose to order one Classic Arrabiatta along with the Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with crispy bacon accompanied with a glass of fruit punch and a cranberry juice mixed with soda and mint.

Conclusion: The overall experience was amazing. The food justified the amount of money we paid which turned out quite reasonable when we compared the adventure our taste buds had… Thus, team TQ puts it on our list of best restaurants in Delhi.

P.S: We suggest you decide for yourselves by giving your taste buds an adventure ride and experiencing cultures and creations inside your mind and mouth both.

Happy Eating!

By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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