Mid-career enhancement programme: a boon or a bane?

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Have you been overlooked for a promotion? Are you doing the same job since you started your career? Does the job for which you were hired, demands you to have skills you were never made aware of? Are you suffering from the entrepreneurial itch after spending several years of corporate life? If yes, maybe you should consider a part-time executive program a.k.a Mid-career enhancement programme.

Designed to make you proficient with the skills demanded by the business and the organizations in the field, mid-career enhancement programme helps you enhance your career by making you through with the required skill set and help you gain expertise within the skills which are actually needed.15-stats-to-convince-your-boss
With the promises of creating new jobs and opportunities in the market, unemployment still exists what’s the reason behind this you ask? One of the major reasons behind it would be the lack of skill set. With the emerging new trends and modernization taking place, the employer looks for more than a theoretically fluent candidate. Thus, it is essential to be polished and find expertise in the right type of skill set along with the required training to master the tactics of the favorable industry.

Not convinced enough? Here are a few more reasons to tell you why you should actually go for the mid-career enhancement program.

# Many working professionals find the things they’d studied in school have either changed or are irrelevant today or the context has changed. So, it makes sense to re-skill oneself. Thus, resulting in skill enhancement, hence, proves the reason that working
professionals do such courses.

#Another essential reason is to keep pace with changing technology. For instance, someone who did management 10 years earlier would not have heard of e-commerce at all, which is now a growing sector.

#Those who could not afford to study in a top-rung management school or could not clear the stringent selection process can get into the same school through the executive programme and be part of the alumni. This opens a different world of networking for them such as an opportunity to upgrade your skills by studying while working

A mid-career executive can no longer depend on the basic qualification. Whether you do a short-duration programme, a long-duration online course or a full-time diploma after quitting your job depends on what you want from your career. In sectors with high growth potential, prerequisites from employees are also fast changing, in terms of skills and knowledge. It implies a mid -career executive cannot just remain dependent on his/her basic education. Thus, resulting in need of the extravagant skill set to set your foot strong.

Conclusion: Remember that you should be very clear about the objective before deciding to go on a specific course. Is it brushing your knowledge or skill in your area of work or is it doing a certificate or diploma in a completely new area that is growing?
If you have considerable prior experience in one sector, it is always more difficult to switch to a different one after such a diploma or certificate than to remain and grow in the same industry. Do the homework and don’t go only by the name of the institute. Talk to people who have already done a particular course about how it has benefitted them. Full-time one-year executive courses from a top-rung institute can easily mean an investment of Rs 30-35 lakhs, including fees and opportunity cost.

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