22/04: Everything about The Earth Day!

How will our future look like?
Together is how we decide…
Read here, why is that so!!!

∞ Explore the result of our past, present and future.

Every year on 22nd April  we celebrate ‘EARTH DAY’ globally by putting numerous amount of efforts by the society, people around us and revolutionary institutions in order to bring a change in the environment. With many commitments and promises said out loud a question strikes my mind…what have we done up till now? How far have we achieved our goal of making this earth a place to live in? Is the decision of celebrating the Earth Day justified or not?

The First Earth Day was in the year 1970. Come let us see what has changed since then…

While trying to annotate we went on researching this year to contribute a little in the celebrations for this Earth Day and to learn about the cause behind bringing this day into existence. During the research process we realised how important it is as an initiative, believe you me, the answers we found for these questions are saddening while giving us the clear picture that where we are standing ,we are at a great loss!!!

What makes us say that ? Here is our result:

* Our population has doubled.

Source: The Miami Herald

*We are emitting 2.4 more times CO2 resulting in temperature rise.
*Sea ice has melted (13.3% decline per decade)
NGS Picture ID:1045606
*Sea levels have risen (10.8cm High)
Climate change / sea-level rise in Fiji
*Since the 1st Earth Day more croplands are using more water, drawing the information
from a report,
the latest percentage of irrigated land has increased up to 80% latest by 2014.

*Wild animals population have decreased heftily:

 Left to Right: Land Animals have decreased up to (-) 38%, marine animals- (-)36% and freshwater animals up to (-)81%.

*Over 170 animal species have declared extinct including Golden Toads, Saudi Gazelle, New Zealand Bush Wren etc.

Left to Right: Saudi Gazelle, Golden Toad, New Zealand Bush Wren.

At the end, while researching about all these facts we realised that the fight against climate change has never been more critical, and what we need is the support from every single person who cares about the future of our planet to help us fight because

‘Every minute you wait is a minute too long. Let us pledge and donate our efforts now’

Come, Let us be a part of an initiative and help in making this world a place to live in!!!


By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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