Blue Tokai: A pathway to ‘Break Monday Blues’

With yet another weekend passing by in a flash, have the shadows of Mondays’ arrival already started to loom around in your head?
Here’s how you can beat the Monday Blues…

♠ And then, Monday happened!!!

With yet another weekend passing by in a flash, have the shadows of Mondays’ arrival already started to loom around in your head?

Well, if yes is your answer then don’t worry, we ensure you that you won’t be questioned…

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Every time when one starts to brace themselves up for Monday it is almost inevitable to not have the blues. Yes, the very fact that it’s a Monday can be very hard to deal with; yet there’s nothing in this world without a solution. So what could possibly lessen the weight that Monday carries with it you ask?

Well, then do remember to stop by ‘Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters’ situated in Saket, New Delhi and unwind this beauty in the corner on a Dull Monday. Here’s what we experienced and wish to help you plan for the day ahead…

After meandering around in the narrow streets of Delhi, it was a treat to find this place tucked away in a corner of Saket, the amount of happiness generated by just discovering this place is hard to put into words. Though it may seem like just another locality occupied with random houses with no sight of a coffee shop nearby, the place is full of surprises.

Photo Courtesy: @niharikamaram

Once you’re inside the door not only will you get hit by the strong aroma of roasting coffee but also feel like you have been transported to a different dimension. After you get over the initial shock that is kind of part of the package, you’d be amazed to know what else this place has to offer.

Calling them a surprise gift for a coffee lover won’t be wrong, they have everything that a coffee lover would love; from a range of coffees to mouth-watering food, you name it and they have it all. The experience does not end with it as many people might think it would… Why go through all this for just a cup of coffee and some food which can be found anywhere!?

©Niharika Maram

That’s when the beauty of this place offers you more than just a coffee and some food, there is something much better which can be found here.i.e. PEACE. Yes, my love, the most important thing to beat Monday blues is a moment of peace to declutter your mind and just breathe without thinking for a while and, to much of our surprise we found it here at our Blue Tokai.

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From an eye of a coffee lover, this place happens to be the perfect spot to find solace as one can just sip on their cup of coffee and not worry about a thing. You could just sit there undisturbed for as long as you wish to, carry a book along and by the time you’re out of this place you’re done with it.

Not just that but you can sit there and work without stressed depending upon what is your ideal Monday stress buster?
Reading, hanging out with friends, getting the work done, some delicious food, a cup of coffee or exploring new places… you name it and the place has it. Yes, Mondays can get really stressful and hard to deal with; yet the best way to tackle it is to take a break.

And the best combination for that would be enjoying a cup of Affogato which is an espresso mixed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream some Beacon cheddar waffles while sitting outside under the clear sky and a blanket of fairy lights. They might sound weird but, nothing brightens up a Monday more than some ice cream, coffee and bacon.


©Niharika Maram

P.S: if you too fall in love with this place then, you can take some of it home by purchasing some of the home roasted coffee beans that they offer and make your own cup of happiness.

By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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