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How often does it happen that you cringe for having that one long weekend, and end up having nothing which you dreamt of? Well, it happens every time…and to each one of us…isn’t it?

Trust me on this!

Be it a workaholic man, a homemaker or our working ladies to the kids of today. The life today has changed, changed to an extent which we would never want to cherish.

sighs *well, enough of cribbing! *

Here’s what I wanted to share with Y’all!

So it was during the last month when I was offered an opportunity to have a lifetime experience. Something I know we all would’ve loved to go for…I was extended with an invitation to this beautiful hotel, Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa.

Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi
Enjoy the surreal!

A strategically located hotel, in Bhiwadi which is a premium leisure hotel as well as one of the best conferencing destinations near Gurgaon. Treehouse Hotel, Club & SPA are the best for Long Stay Guests in Bhiwadi.

The invitation was for an event named – ‘Artotel- Edition 1′ “Past through the Lens of the Future”. The first in a series of experiences, Artotel was a creative free play between talented young Industrial Designers and local artists from Rajasthan.


Left to Right: Richa Khurana Singh, Sonali Sudarshan, Mohammed Sajid
Mohammed Sajid with Corporate Chef, Treehouse Group of Hotels


Covering all aspects of ‘fun’ as well as ‘creative expression’. The event saw the hotel walls turning into a canvas for the artists and the guests who were set free to paint their thoughts on the canvas.


Artotel’s first edition was curated by Ishita Kumar- a young and upcoming Industrial Designer,

Ishita Kumar- a young and upcoming Industrial Designer, joined by Aadhar Kumar- Director Anuraga Palace, Adityajeet Singh Sood- Art Student, Jaipur and Digital Designers Dipaq Sharma, Saksham Karunakar and Aman Vig.
Left to Right: Ishita Kumar- a young and upcoming Industrial Designer, Aadhar Kumar- Director Anuraga Palace, Adityajeet Singh Sood, Digital Designers: Dipak Sharma, Saksham Karunakar & Aman Vig.

joined by Aadhar Kumar- Director Anuraga Palace, Adityajeet Singh Sood- Art Student, Jaipur and Digital Designers Dipaq Sharma, Saksham Karunakar and Aman Vig.

While speaking with The Quest, curator Ishita Kumar, said “We were very keen to bring a contemporary and relevant touch to the work of the local artists, and it was interesting to look at how many things we took for granted in the 90’s and which now no longer exist with the advent of new technology. It was a great experience to actually showcase this on the walls of the hotels, giving us a large canvas for our work.

while in the process…
Towards the completion

The walls will bear the art for the next few months, allowing all guests coming in to view and take inspirations from the pieces.

On the occasion, Jayant Singh, Founder and Managing Director, Karma Hospitality, said
“The Treehouse Hotels go beyond the usual standards of hospitality to provide ‘experiences’ to guests. We understand that the best memories come from exquisite and exhilarating experiences, and these are what we wish to create with our many properties, be it culinary experiences, adventure, or creative expression. Artotel is the first edition in our series, where we have worked with upcoming talent and local artists. We have used the walls of the resort as the canvas, as we wanted the hotel to bear testimony to this event, and make the art a part of the hotel itself.

With 101 premium rooms including suites and a Presidential Suite along with the wide range of recreational facilities at the hotel like Swimming Pool, fully equipped Gymnasium, Squash Court, and Spa with steam and sauna, Treehouse serves as a great weekend getaway from Gurgaon, a close and affordable short holiday near Delhi NCR.

Still waiting? visit now!

Happy Travelling!


By Mohammed Sajid

A Bibliophile, and a language lover. A writer by heart and a Journalist by profession. Travelling to regions and exploring their cultures is my curiosity. Am a political, and lifestyle enthusiast, religion is my refuge and my principle. Am always reachable at any bookstores, food corners, and libraries close to your locale.

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