your one spot for all your Quests! come, see, know and share!

THE QUEST came into existence with the hope of reaching out to the mass to keep the ‘say’ and update you with something “AFRESH”. Everywhere around the world, people are unable to express themselves and do not have an intellect to use their freedom of expression in a way it should be. Thus, with the hope to keep it clean, clear and simple we chose this medium, to pen down what should be discussed and also, to give our views and have a platform to discuss about many things which are kept under folds.

THE QUEST has everything to be chosen as your “one stop to hunt down all your QUESTS.” Thus, categories here start from  LIFESTYLE and travels through POLITICS, takes a break with FOOD, goes for fun on TRAVEL, makes up with MUSIC, and  gets ENTERTAINMENT and fun  for all you people out there.

Oh! & sometimes out of curiosity things here go around CULTURE and RELIGION too…
So, help us in building up a “UTOPIA” for mutual humans,their discussions, and to bring the new definition of ‘BEING MAINSTREAM” connect with us here.